Equine Biomechanics Workshop

Understand how your horse moves to improve your riding

Enroll in this 4-session course to help you understand how your horse moves at the walk, trot, canter, gallop, jump, and lateral work. This course will help you improve the timing of your aids and communication with your horse.

Do you ever watch riders and think, “How did they know to use that aid right at that moment?” There is a feel top riders have developed, but that feel often starts with learning how a horse moves. Developing feel doesn’t require talent; it requires study and practice. Start by learning how your horse’s body works.


The Equine Biomechanics Workshop for Riders will help you understand movement at the walk, trot, canter, gallop and jump. When you understand how your horse moves, you can start to think about the best way to stay balanced and communicate with the horse. This knowledge is fundamental to improving your riding. 

About the Presenter

Hi, I'm Shelley Thomas. I'm excited to work with you! Let me introduce myself.


I'm a physical therapist and rider. I own a company called Intrepid Wellness where I help horses and riders be better athletes.  I’m passionate about helping riders learn about injury prevention, rehabilitation, and ways to help their horse reach peak performance.


I graduated from the Mayo Clinic in 1999 with a Master’s in Physical Therapy and have worked for over 20 years with people who have orthopedic and neurological injuries. I also received additional training to work with horses and am a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner from the University of Tennessee and a Permitted Equine Therapist for FEI events.


One common thing I see in my practice with both horses and humans is that many injuries are caused by lack of proper understanding about movement and fitness. All horses need to be prepared to do their job. I think we could help our horses feel better, perform at their peak, and last longer by creating thoughtful training programs.


I've ridden horses all my life, in eventing, show jumping and dressage. I did a bit of Western as a kid and my memory of riding "Lucky," a highly trained cutting horse, still makes me smile!  My current horse is named Pangloss, an 8-year old Thoroughbred. We're working on moving up the levels in eventing, COVID permitting and all! 

I have a super power.

I can make complicated information easy to understand and fun to learn.

This is something many of my clients have told me: I make difficult topics easy and fun to understand. I've had a lot of experience teaching riders about how their horse's body works. I appreciate that biomechanics is definitely a challenging topic. You have to listen and feel at the same time, plus figure out how to use the information when you ride. In the Equine Biomechanics Workshop, I'll help you break the information down into manageable pieces and give you tools to remember how it all works. Join the workshop today and let's have some fun!

Equine Biomechanics Workshop

The Syllabus

  • Session 1: The Walk

    • Learn the biomechanics of the walk, including sequence of footfalls, muscles involved, and how a rider impacts this gait.

    • Learn how a rider moves on the horse at the walk.

    • Learn the best exercises to develop the walk and why they work.
  • Session 2: The Trot

    • Learn the biomechanics of the trot and how the horse changes this gait with demands of speed and collection.

    • Learn how a rider moves on the horse at the trot. 

    • Learn the best exercises to develop the trot and why they work.

  • Session 3: The Canter

    • Learn the biomechanics of the canter including the sequence of footfalls and how a horse develops power. 

    • Learn how a rider moves on the horse at the canter. 

    • Learn the best exercises to develop the canter and why they work.

  • Session 4: The Jump & Gallop

    • Learn the biomechanics of galloping and jumping.

    • Learn how a horse jumps different types of fences.

    • Learn how a rider moves when galloping and jumping a horse, and how aids influence the horse's movement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Working with Shelley

FANTASTIC equine core strength webinar tonight in Inner Circle! It made SO many things make sense to me- I can’t wait to apply it to our therapy horses, to help them do their job and stay injury-free! Thank you!

L. Roscoe

Therapeutic Riding Program Manager

When I rode Soleil after your treatment, her walk was amazingly open, free, and forward. Really different!

L. Leatherbury


B. Mcsparin


Z got his first visit from Shelley today and it was awesome! Was nice to be educated on what's going on and the reasons why throughout. Now it's up to me to stick with the exercises so he can get stronger! 

R. McCallister


I understand the horse's topline so much better. Thank you for making this topic easy to understand!


day money back guarantee

If you start the workshop and don't like it, you can request a refund.

Sometimes we start a class and it just doesn't work out. No problem. You have 7 days to request a refund, no questions asked.