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    Every workout has form videos or there is a full workout video you can follow. I give you modifications you can do if you’re building up to the full movement, as well as equipment modifications.

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Hi, I'm Shelley


I jumped for the first time in a little over a month and I could feel the difference in my strength. Very happy with that! I think my horse can feel the difference too since I've done the mental work and exercise more.  Thank you for your encouragement and insight.  - L.F., rider

Another good riding lesson today! .More practice standing up in the stirrups and keeping my chest open.. . . Before my hip replacement I could not stand at the walk at all, so we are starting from ground zero on developing the muscle strength and then memory. Thank you Shelley for your amazing fitness program that always challenges me. - D. H., rider 

Hi there! (One of my students) had a lesson this morning. We did a lunge lesson so she could do the core strengthening exercises you gave her. It is all so cool! I can see the obvious improvements and how beneficial the approach was. Just letting you know I'm really digging what you are doing and I think it's brilliant. -G.K., trainer

I am utterly thrilled, exhausted and amazed after my ride today! Maya is now at a place where I don’t have to spend all my energy and focus on her and her attitude and frame. We can start just having fun. So I decided to focus on me more in the saddle. Amazing!!! I am amazed at how much taller I am in the saddle, how much longer my leg, how much less I need to do to influence Maya and how she responds in kind in her body. - P.D., rider

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